The time of reckoning has come

The time of reckoning has come

Wednesday, 26 March 2014



                                    CHAPTER ONE
God designed the Plan of Salvation long before He created this world of ours. In fact He had not created a single angel by that time. It was only Himself and His only Begotten Son. They agreed on a well packaged program of dealing with sin when it finally rears its ugly head. They knew the Arch- angel (Lucifer) who they were about to create would plunge both heaven and this world of ours into untold turmoil through the introduction of sin. They had to seek for a solution well in advance (Revelation 13:8).

After they agreed on ‘what’ should be done, they also agreed on ‘when’ it should be done until the problem of sin is forever fixed never to rear its head again. Therefore, God the Father and His only begotten Son agreed on a well defined work-plan and strategy. They agreed on a timetable and a diary and set out all the timeframes necessary to forever annihilate the science of sin.

Then they came up with a way of packaging that Salvation Strategy in a manner that it would be clearly understood by all the other parties concerned including the yet-to-be created angels but most importantly, the beneficiaries of that program who in this case happen to be the entire sinful humanity since the days of Adam. As a means of communication, God designed the symbolism of the Sanctuary so that they could later use it as a teaching aid to teach and explain the finer details of the Plan of Salvation.

In His wisdom, God designed several sanctuary events and services which typified and symbolized all the aspects of the Plan of Salvation. Every sanctuary event and service had special dates appointed and anointed for its celebration and/or observance. No one had the powers to change those appointed times. Every event had to be celebrated at the decreed and appointed date and time. There is no way for instance that the morning sacrifice could be made at noon under any circumstances whatsoever. It had to be at the exact decreed time.

The times appointed for the celebration of all sanctuary events and services are also symbolic and they point to the exact time when the real events (antitypes) which are typified by those events will be fulfilled. Therefore, each of the times appointed for the celebration of various sanctuary services symbolizes and points to one of the dates when God will fulfill certain matters (antitypes) to do with our salvation.

 Most of us only consider the symbolism of the sanctuary events and services and we even write books about their meaning but we totally forget that the time when that event is celebrated tells us a lot about when the antitype of those events or services will take place. There is a very good reason as to why God insists on a particular dates for every service or event.

The greatest anxiety among Christians is about ‘when’ God will fulfill most of His promises as stipulated in the plan of salvation. The most common question among all Christians is “WHEN, WHEN, WHEN”? The answer to our “when” question is tightly hidden in the symbolism of the times appointed for the celebration of all the sanctuary events and services. Everything that God is supposed to accomplish in the Plan of Salvation is symbolized by one service or event in the sanctuary and so if you want to know when it will be fulfilled, then you must get clues from the date appointed for the celebration of the symbolic service in question.

For all those appointed times to be correctly reckoned, they had to be in total agreement with God’s personal calendar and clock. When God was appointing all those timelines, He was referring to His own clock and calendar. God was not referring to the Gregorian calendar that we use nowadays. In fact the Gregorian calendar is immensely antagonistic against God’s calendar and is purposely designed by the devil to defeat the noble purposes of God’s calendar.

It is therefore absolutely important for all the saints to be familiarized with all the facts and the operation of God’s calendar in order to perfectly understand the plan of salvation. As we all know, our God is so orderly that He allocates time for even what we consider to be the minutest details of life (Ecclesiastes 3). That is why He even says that every word and action must come before the judgment. According to God there are no accidents and coincidences but everything for Him is prepared and organized well in advance. He knows the end from the beginning. Acts 17:26 says “…and he determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live”. Nothing takes God by surprise.

It is the purpose of this book therefore to highlight all the facts concerning the operations of God’s original calendar. The purpose of any calendar anywhere is one and that is to reveal the dates and the dates alone.  Now the million dollar question is which dates? Since this is God’s calendar in relation to our salvation, then automatically the calendar must be showing dates when all the aspects of the plan of salvation will be consummated. We therefore see that there is no way we can interpret the prophecies correctly without a thorough understanding of the operations of God’s calendar since all the timelines are quoted as per God’s calendar.

In His wisdom, God did not want all the dates of His calendar when some events would take place to be known until the correct or right time matures. He therefore deliberately and in a parabolic manner hid most of the details in the symbolism until the right time. It is for this reason that God’s clock and calendar is shrouded in a lot of mystery and even the Bible does not have it presented in plain black and white. It is a question of gathering the pieces together.

The Bible is quite clear ( Exodus 12:2) that when God addressed Moses and Aaron to give them details on how they were to leave Egypt, the first thing He mentioned to them was His calendar. This was God’s first statement “This month is to be for you the first month, the first month of your year”.  God spoke as if He had just created the world. How could that be Israel’s first month yet they had spent around 400 years in Egypt as punishment? God was showing Israel that He was starting afresh with them and He was also saving them the burden of having to refer to old calendars with all the attendant problems associated with such an exercise. It was a new beginning. They were to start at number one. Later at Mt Sinai, God gave many other dimensions and details of His own calendar which this book addresses in detail (Leviticus

It is therefore almost impossible to draw a line between the sanctuary and God’s calendar. We cannot study one without overlapping into the other. I therefore invite you to one of the most interesting and controversial subjects in the entire Bible. It will never be the same again for you after reading this book.

Dan 7:25 & 8:12 gives us a stern warning that Satan was not only determined to change the set times but he actually succeeded. This book unveils Satan’s historic efforts and lies. We are told that failure to use God’s calendar in reckoning of all prophetic timelines is viewed by heaven as being equivalent to turning the Plan of Salvation upside down.

The Bible says by our ignorance of God’s calendar we declare God to be a liar. Our ignorance and abandonment of God’s calendar is like declaring that God’s promises are false (Jeremiah 33:20-26). We therefore have no choice but to learn about God’s calendar and apply it. I kindly seek your patience and prayers since this is one of the most difficult subjects in the study of the prophecies. 


                                                             CHAPTER TWO
                                           God’s Calendar From Eden
Although God gave the finer details and specifications of His calendar at Mt Sinai, it is quite obvious that it existed in the pre-Sinai era since the plan of salvation did not begin at Sinai but at the very beginning (1 Chronicles 16:15-18). However in His wisdom, God made the work easier for us and gave us a particular day during which the counting of the calendar should begin irrespective of whatever may have happened in the pre-Sinai era (Exodus 12:2).

Nothing however stops anyone who has a clear understanding of God’s calendar to apply it in the pre-Sinai era. I have personally done it and written a special booklet on that. Kindly get yourself the booklet. It is a wonder presentation that I am sure will open up fresh horizons of prophetic knowledge. For reasons that I will explain later, the day when Israel started the counting of their calendar in line with God’s instructions was the 20th day of March, 1437 B.C as is evident from Exodus 12:2.

Nothing confirms the existence of God’s calendar in the pre-Sinai era than the very existence of the Sun, Moon and the Stars which serve as the hands of the clock in as far as God’s calendar is concerned.

The Sun, Moon and the Stars were created on the 4th day of creation. The 4th day is the one which fell in the middle of the week of creation. Therefore we can correctly say that it is “In the middle of the week” that God created the Sun, Moon and the stars. The three as the Bible says (Genesis1:14) serve as “signs to mark seasons and days and years”. This means that whatever calendar we use must be well synchronized with the Sun, Moon and the Stars.

In the same way that we have the hour, minute and second hands in our clocks, God’s clock and calendar has the Sun, the Moon and Stars to play that role. Christians therefore should be the best moon readers. The study of the Sun, Moon and stars has advanced so much if recent break-through and strides in Astronomy is anything to go by. As Christians we need to open our ears to any technological advancement and discoveries in the field of Astronomy since anything to do with the Sun, Moon and the Stars speaks volumes concerning the Grand Plan of Salvation.

The Bible tells us that when we come near to the end of time, when our salvation finally draws nigh, we should then “look up into the heavens” (Luke 21:28). Most of us interpret those words to mean that we should “look up and pray” but that is not the correct meaning. We do not look up when we pray, on the contrary we bow down in reverence and petition God as we look down. We do not face God when praying to Him, we bow down in respect.

Therefore this “looking up” must have another meaning. We are called upon to look up and read the signs on the Sun, the Moon and the Stars. God will be speaking to us in the last days using the Sun, The Moon and the Stars. That is why the Bible says in Luke 21:25 says, “There will be signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars”. In other words, God’s calendar will be paramount in the last days and blessed are those who will be in a position to interpret the signs on the Sun, Moon and Stars.

Understanding the times is one of the gifts that God’s bestows upon His Church because He knows the crucial role it plays in shaping the spiritual direction of the Church. The Bible says in 1 Chronicles 12:32 that God has set apart 200 men from the family of Isachaar who understood the times. Israel would always consult these men on matters to do with time. Even the High Priest would always confirm with those Isachaar men before announcing the date of any event.

 The issue of time was taken so seriously that it is only the High Priest who had the authority to declare the arrival of any appointed time by first confirming with the men of Isachaar. The Bible goes ahead to say that those “men of Isachaar are the ones who knew what Israel should do” whenever they were confronted by various challenges. Therefore the men of Isachaar played a pivotal role courtesy of their knowledge of knowing the times.

Each of the three hands of the clock that is the Sun, Moon and Stars has special roles to play in as far as God’s calendar is concerned.
Let us look at the role played by each of them in marking the days, months and years.
The main role of the Sun is in controlling and determining the beginning and the end of the day. Sunset marks the start and end of any day. The sun also marks the beginning and end of seasons but our major preoccupation for now is on the days, months and years. Any signs on the Sun also serve to inform us of the arrival of a special day or season in the plan of salvation. Things like eclipses should not be ignored by the saints. Any other sign on the Sun must be noted.

When the Sun appears, it marks something, when it disappears it marks something else as well. I must mention at this point in time that the Sun has no role to play in determining anything to do with the month apart from defining the beginning and end of each day of the month. It also has nothing to do with the week of seven days. However it marks the beginning of God’s religious year because God’s year must begin with spring whose arrival is marked by the Sun during the day of spring equinox which is fixed at 20th March of every year. This is the earliest that God’s year can begin.

Although more on this will be discussed later in this book, it is however important to note that the first day of the first month of the year according to God is the New moon day which falls either on or immediately after the spring equinox which is always fixed at 20th March every year.
The main role of the Moon is to determine, control and manage the months and the years since the years are made up of months.

The Moon determines when the month starts and ends. The first day of the month is when there is a conjunction of the moon so that the Sun, Earth and Moon are on a near straight line making the Moon to be totally invisible. There is totally no crescent visible on that first day of the month. In other words, this is the day when there is “No Moon” hence the name “New Moon”. The Moon is ‘new’ when it is totally obscured. This is the day that the Moon starts making its rotation around the earth at point zero.  One complete rotation of the Moon around the earth is what we call ‘a Month’.

The Moon therefore becomes the main hand in God’s clock or calendar. It is as superior as the hour clock is in our normal clocks.  Any signs on the Moon like the eclipses talk volumes about the Plan of Salvation.

It is absolutely important to note that the Moon is not regular in its movements and therefore the months are not always equal year after year. You will find that a certain month can have 29 days this year, 30 next year, 28 the other year and 31 in the other. This is caused by various factors including latitudes and longitudes. Also since this world of ours is not as circular and even as a football.

This means that nobody could tell in which day the 14th day of celebrating the Passover would fall in advance or any other appointed time for that matter. They had to continue reading the Moon and confirmation of the exact day would be known and confirmed by the High Priest two or three days to the exact D-day. No one could even tell how long a month would be from the beginning until it ended.

The knowledge that Israel had been given by God was not sufficient to allow them to predict the exact day when any event would be celebrated until two to three days to the event. Israel did not have the knowledge to calculate when new moons would appear in the coming months. They always estimated with a margin of error of two or three days and that is why they always waited for the final confirmation in the eleventh hour. Even today most religions confirm their religious holidays two to three days before the D-day.

It is therefore correct to conclude and say that “nobody knows the day or the hour” of any appointed time in advance until it approaches by two to three days. This automatically means that it is also not possible to know the exact “day and hour” of the antitypes since they depend on the appointed times. The limited knowledge that Israel had correctly shows that the movement of the Moon is not predictable and is not reliable.  In fact the irregularities and unevenness displayed by the movement of the Moon from one month to the other is the password and secret code-word that God used to hide the “day and hour of all the appointed times” as well as the “day and hour” of all the related antitypes until the right time matures.

The best example of this argument in the Bible is when Jesus was asked by His disciples about the last day and He answered nobody knows even Himself. Jesus very well knew that the day of the second coming is symbolized by the Feast of Tabernacles and so the date when this is celebrated which is the 15th day of the seventh month, is the same day that Jesus will come but because Israel had no knowledge of foretelling when the Moon would clock day No.15 until the beginning of the month, Jesus told them nobody knows the day or the hour although it is a well known fact he will come on the 15th but nobody knew when the 15th day would be in as far as the synchrony is concerned.

It is one thing to know that Tabernacles will be celebrated on the 15th day and it is totally another to know in advance when that would be in the Gregorian calendar until the beginning of the month. The first day of the month is the earliest that one was able to reckon any feast day. In other words, you could not tell where the 15th day would fall a month in advance. 

However in His wisdom, God had designed from the very beginning that in the time of the end, He would increase knowledge in the area of Moon reading which will automatically make it much easier to know exactly in which day every appointed time will come well in advance. Today, technology is so advanced that it is possible to know and calculate when the New Moon will be even for the next 5000 years. The technology can also help us look back more than 5000 years and be able to tell when every New Moon took place. God promised to increase that knowledge deliberately to help unseal the sealed end-time prophecies (Daniel 12:4).

Therefore it is high time we stopped looking at technological and scientific advancement as being earthily but as being spiritual as well. Any scientific breakthrough in astronomy should also be viewed as a breakthrough in prophetic understanding. This is what God says in Daniel 12:5, “But you Daniel, close up and seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end. Many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased”.  It is quite obvious from this verse that the unsealing of the sealed prophecies in the time of the end is directly connected to the “increase in knowledge”. Therefore we are living in an era where we have more spiritual enlightenment and the issues must be tackled differently in the light of the enlightened environment.

I am therefore not surprised by Jesus words who was describing circumstances under the new enlightenment by saying in Mathew 13:17, ”For I tell you the truth, many prophets and righteous men longed to see what you see but did not see it, and to hear what you hear but did not hear it”. This places the people living during the times of great enlightenment in the last days on a higher status where they are more privileged than past great prophets like Moses and Daniel who did not even understand some of the visions they received.  We understand and interpret their visions and dreams in these last days so that if Daniel with all his fame were to resurrect today, he would come bowing down to us to get lessons and meaning of his own vision from us thanks to the increased knowledge.

Speaking about the uplifted status to be assumed by the saints who will be privileged to be born during the last days of both the increased knowledge and the unsealing of the sealed prophecies, Jesus added that although John the Baptist was the greatest of all the prophets who have ever existed including Moses, Jesus described the least of those of us who will be living in the last days as being greater than John the Baptist. Therefore if anyone today considers you to be the most junior or inferior, Jesus says you are greater than John the Baptist. This automatically means you are greater than any prophet who have ever existed in the past including Moses (Mathew 11:11). This is wonderful isn’t it?          

Jesus did not stop there but went ahead to describe the lofty status to which end-time saints will be uplifted because of the increased knowledge in the last days. This is what Jesus says in John 14:12-14, “I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even GREATER things than these because I am going to the Father….. You may ask for anything in my name, and I will do it”

Therefore the astronomical knowledge that Astronomers have come up with has helped in the understanding of the end-time prophecies in a big way. This is the increased knowledge that Daniel was shown. It is the case of the ‘wise men from the east’ helping the saints to understand the times.

On the strength of Daniel 7:25, the devil introduced other methods of moon reading which are based on the premise that the sighting of the first crescent marks the beginning of the Month as opposed to God’s method of reckoning the first day as the new moon day where no crescent is visible at all.
The devil’s formula cannot stand the test of investigations because of the following facts:
(1)   The crescent is always in the heavens for most of the days in any month and therefore God could not merely talk of merely sighting the crescent. If such an instruction was ever given, then it would have been accompanied by specification as to the size of the crescent since crescents are always in the heavens.

(2)   In reality, it is only for a minute or so that the Moon is totally obscured because the rotation is constant and does not stop. After just a minute of the conjunction, there is a 0.100% to 0.140% of the crescent which appears but this is not visible to a naked eye. Therefore the fist crescent actually happens after a minute or two.

(3)   The first day of the month should be the day the Moon starts its rotation around the earth at point zero. The rotation must begin when the Earth, the Sun and the Moon are all in a straight line. That is more of common sense. This means the three plays a part in determining the first day of the Month by taking strategic positions. The Sun has to be at a particular angle and so is the Earth and the Moon so that the Moon becomes totally obscured. Now when the crescent appears it means the three are not in a straight line.

(4)   When we are told that we read the Moon to know the first day, this does not automatically mean that we read the Moon looking for the ‘appearance’ of the crescent but it can also mean that we look for the ‘disappearance” of the crescent to mark the beginning of the month. Reading the Moon does not mean seeing some crescent but can also mean seeing its disappearance.  In fact the ‘odd’ thing is for the crescent to disappear since crescents are always there throughout the month in the heavens.

(5)   Due to various factors like the latitudes, longitudes as well as the weather, the first crescent sometimes takes more than three days to appear. It can appear in some places earlier than others due to the same factors. The beginning of the month cannot be delayed by our failure to see. The beginning of the month is always determined by some planetary motion and not the crescent. The crescent is a mere mark. The planetary motion does not have to be visible to us.

(6)   The Bible is very clear that Satan succeeded in messing up God’s calendar and even said this problem will only be solved after the end of the 2300 days. Therefore to endorse the Jewish calendar as it was during the time of Jesus is to say the Bible is wrong to say Satan has been successful. How can we even imagine using the current Jewish calendar through which Israel could not recognize the Messiah?

(7)   Jesus celebrated his last Passover on Thursday yet the entire nation believed Passover fell on the following day on Friday. This means even Jesus did not agree with the Jewish calendar. Why should we?

(8)   1 Samuel 24-27 clearly shows that the day after New Moon day is the second day of the month.

(9)   According to normal language. New Moon does not refer to the time of the crescent. New moon is the time when the Moon is totally obscured.

(10)                       Israel always followed the right procedure of Moon reading until around 170 BC when King Antiochus Epiphanes brought wide sweeping changes. He is the one who introduced the erroneous crescent-sighting method. 

The role played by the stars has been largely ignored but it is very important. The fact of the matter is that there is a special star which appears during every appointed time of the Lord. There is a star to mark every time unit. In other words, there is a special star which was created solely for the purpose of appearing on the first days of the week only. This star’s appearance literary tells us “guys look here, this is the first day of the week, let no one doubt about it”.

There is also a star which was specifically created for the second day, the third day and each of all the other days of the week. This means that if we have an argument as what day it is, we will simply look up for God’s own witness in the heavens. The stars, just like numbers don’t lie. Therefore it is a pity to meet two people arguing as to what day is the Sabbath day yet we have God’s witness fixed in the heavens for all to see.
I must also add that every month also has a special star allocated to it. This star appears on the first day of the Month and disappears on the last day. This can help solve any problem and expose and reveal all fake formulae of reckoning time. Actually the stars act as a weighing scale and yardstick to measure the correctness of the methods we use to reckon the appointed times.
Every year from the first to the seventh also has a special star attached to it which we can look up to and confirm in which year we are in.  Every feast day as well has a special star which can only appear during the length of the feast after which it disappears. Let me also inform us that when someone is born, a special star appears in the heavens. That star will remain in the heavens until they die. Do you remember the star that the wise men from the east saw when Jesus was born?


                                                                 CHAPTER THREE
                                         TIME UNITS IN GOD’S CALENDAR
In the same way that the Gregorian year is made up of different time units like the months, weeks and days, God’s calendar is also made up of different time units which are however totally different from those of the Gregorian calendar. The following are the time units which make up God’s calendar.
The ‘day’ is the smallest time unit in God’s calendar although it is further subdivided into hours, minutes and even seconds. However, the purpose of this book is to look at the bigger picture. From God’s perspective, the day is that period of time which falls between two sunsets. In other words, a day starts and ends at sunset. This is unlike the Gregorian calendar which reckons the day to start and end at mid-night.

One wonders what planetary motion is there at midnight to quality as the beginning of the day. One also wonders what sign there is on the Sun at that time to suggest the beginning of the day. The devil can really play around with our wisdom and surprisingly he succeeds greatly in getting our support. According to the Gregorian calendar, any successive 24 hours can be referred to as a day but not so from God’s perspective.

 A day according to God must always synchronize at sunset. Any period of 24 hours cannot qualify to be called a day according to God’s manner of reckoning time unless it synchronizes at sunset. However, any section of the day however small is considered to be a full day by God. That means that if God sends you for an assignment a few minutes before sunset, you will be considered to have been sent out for a full day and you will actually receive the same wages as those who had started earlier. Can you remember the eleventh hour workers? That is why we say our God is a God of the eleventh hour.

That is also the reason why we say Jesus stayed in the tomb for three days despite the fact that he was buried on Friday evening. The few hours of Friday are reckoned as a full day. At least on Saturday Sabbath he spent the whole day and then we have the night part of Sunday before resurrecting on Sunday morning. Jesus actually spent 40 hours in the tomb which is barely two days according to the Gregorian reckoning but according to God it is a record three days.

God did not give particular name to any of the days. The days were only named from number 1 to 7. There was no day number 8. Day number 8 again became day number 1 so that we have the world history unfolding in recurring periods of seven days each which are called weeks. Therefore from the perspective of the week, the days are known only from number 1 to number 7. All the seven days from number 1 to number 7 must run parallel or synchronize with their respective and corresponding days in the week of creation. We will look at other details when we are discussing the week of seven days as a special time unit in God’s calendar.

However, from the perspective of the month, the days are numbered in ascending order from number 1 up to the last day of the month which is the day before New Moon day or lunar conjunction.

Therefore each day is numbered from the perspective of the week as well as from the perspective of the month using different methods. A day can be the first day of the week but the 17th in the month. Sometimes there can be coincidences and accidents so that the first day of the week (Sunday) can also become the first day of the month. However their numbering is totally NOT related. Therefore each day can be identified or numbered either from the perspective of the week or from the perspective of the month. These are two parallel formulae and methods of reckoning the days.

You will notice that the week of seven days is not determined by any planetary motion but it only exists in the mind and law of God. Don’t forget the first day was created three days before the Sun and the Moon were created. Therefore the seven days of the week are not determined by either the Sun or the Moon. In other words, if we want to identify the 7th day of the week, I cannot read either the Sun or the Moon but I will only find it in the Law of God. However if I want to identify the 7th day of the month, then I have got to be guided by the Moon.

Out of all the seven days of the week, God singled out one and set it apart and blessed it. This is the seventh day of the week which falls on Saturdays. It is a day of rest called The Holy Sabbath Day. The Bible classifies the Sabbath day as a special feast among many other feasts (Leviticus 23 & Exodus 23). This Sabbath is the one which serves to identify God’s people who have been called to receive the Kingdom. It is a special sign for God’s people.
The week of seven days as we shall see is further used as a template or model to design other bigger time units in God’s calendar.
The month is a very important unit of time in God’s calendar. A Month is the length of time it takes the Moon to make one rotation around the earth. It is naturally obvious that the rotation must start at a particular established place since our God is a God of order and for Him synchrony is a big issue because things cannot start and end randomly and haphazardly in a disorderly manner. The rotation must ordinarily start at point zero.

From our human perspective, the Sun, earth and the Moon must be on a straight line at the time that the Moon starts its journey around the earth. The only way we can know that the three are on a straight line is when there is totally no crescent on the Moon. The appearance of the crescent is a sign that the journey has started. When the three are a on a straight line we say we have the conjunction of the Moon or there is a lunar conjunction. The day of the conjunction is called New Moon Day. It does not matter what time the conjunction occurs but the day on which it happens is the first day of the month even if the conjunction is only a few minutes before the sunset. The last day of the month is the day before the next lunar conjunction.

God did not give names to the months but He numbered them just like the days of the week from number one onwards. In one year there are either twelve or thirteen months depending on the movement of the Moon. There is no regularity in the length of the months. A month can be 28 days this year, 29 days in the next, 30 days in the next and even 31 in the next. The seventh month is the shortest ranging from 22 to 26 days. These irregularities are caused by many factors including latitudes and longitudes and also the fact that the world is not evenly circular like a football. 

The year according to God is made up of either twelve or thirteen months depending on several factors which affect the movement of the Moon like the longitudes and latitudes among others.
 However God further subdivides the year into two. We have the first seven months which make up the famous religious part of the year. The remaining part is what we call the civilian part.  That’s why you hear of terminologies such as the religious as well as the civil year. They both make up one entire year according to planetary motion.
Since the moons are irregular from one year to another, the year can be anything between 354 and 385 days.

In order to symbolically provide us with further details pertaining to the general Plan of Salvation, God in His wisdom designed another time unit which is made up of seven consecutive years. This time unit is modeled after the template of the seven day week so that we have year No. 1 to year No.7 the same way that we have day one to day seven in the week of seven days.

The years were not given specific names but were only named in ascending order from number one to number seven just like the seven days of the week. The seventh and final year is also a Sabbatical for the land the same way that the seventh day is a Sabbath day.

God designed a maximum of seven sets of weeks of seven years each to make up a full Jubilee calendar of 49 years. The 7 sets of weeks were not given any special names but were also only numbered in ascending order from number one to number seven after the model of the week of seven days.

The first week of seven years in the Jubilee cycle must always synchronize and run parallel with the first week of seven years from the exodus the same way that the week of seven days of today must synchronize and run parallel with the first week of creation. Therefore according to God, it is not just any set of seven years which qualify to be called a week of seven years unless they synchronize with their corresponding and relevant weeks in the first Jubilee cycle from the exodus which was running from 1437 BC to 1389 BC.

God always has a special agenda set out for every week of seven years according to the Plan of Salvation. Such an agenda is fulfilled in a systematic manner and must be finished by the Friday year since the seventh year is the year of accountability (judgment). It is in the seventh year that God looks at the work of the last six years to see if it is good the way He judged His own work in the seventh day and blessed that day.

Therefore the seventh day and seventh year are judgment times. We either get blessings after passing the test or we get curses if we fail the test. Demands for the observance of the Sabbatical year were as noble and serious as that of the seventh day Sabbath.

This is the second largest unit of time in God’s original Salvation Calendar. It is made up of seven weeks of seven years each. Those sets of seven years each follow each other from week number one to week number seven in ascending order from week number one to week number seven.

This means that the Jubilee Calendar is made of a total of 49 years. Therefore this time period of 49 years is also modeled after the template of the week of seven days. This means that whatever is true of the week of seven days is also true of the week of 49 years and is also true of the week of seven years which is designed after the same model and template.

This means that the final or seventh week of seven years is also Sabbatical in nature from the perspective of God’s agenda for any Jubilee period of 49 years. In fact even the sixth week of seven years in the jubilee calendar is preparatory in nature just like the sixth day of the week is referred to as preparation day.

God has a special agenda for any Jubilee period of 49 years which He accomplishes in a systematic manner from the first week of seven year to the other until the final seventh or Sabbatical week when God’s main agenda is to demand accountability in as far as God agenda for that Jubilee period is concerned.

It is not any group of 49 years which qualifies to be called a week of 49 years unless all the 49 years of the Jubilee calendar perfectly  synchronizes or runs parallel with the first 49 years from the exodus. This period is called a Jubilee period because the 50th Jubilee year or the first year of the next Jubilee cycle is set apart for the celebrations of having completed the entire Jubilee calendar or probation period of 49 years.    
The largest and final unit of time in God’s Calendar of Salvation is made up of ten consecutive jubilee calendars of 49 years each. This means it is 490 years long.

Just like any other unit of time, the end of one 490-yr probation marks the beginning of another. This means the history of salvation which runs parallel with the history of the world is made up of recurring periods of 490 years each.

This period of 490 years probation period is automatically made up of 70 consecutive weeks of seven years each. The seventy weeks of seven years each which God gave Israel through Daniel in Daniel 9:24 is a perfect model on how God carries out His business during every other 490- year long probation period.

It is not every group of 490 years which qualifies to be called a probation period from God’s perspective. All the 490 years must perfectly synchronize and run parallel with the first 490 years since the exodus which run from the year 1437 BC to 948 BC. The other 490-yr probation periods are 947 BC to 458 BC, 457 BC to 33AD, 34 AD to 523 AD, 524 AD to 1013, 1014 to 1503, 1504 to 1993 in that order from Mt. Sinai.

The final week of seven years at the end of each 490-year probation period is very important because that is when God comes down to demand accountability from His Church for that period. Therefore the 70th week is a special moment. The 70th week of Israel as described in Dan 9:24-27 is a perfect model of how God behaves in every 70th week. God treats every 70th week the same way He treated the famous 70th week of Israel.
It is also important to point out that the 70th week is a high Sabbath because it is a Sabbatical week for the final 10th jubilee calendar and also a Sabbatical to close down the 490 year long probation period. The following are the 70th weeks since the exodus in their chronological order, 954 BC to 948 BC, 464 BC to 458 BC, 27 AD to 33 AD, 517 AD to 523 AD, 1007 to 1013, 1497 to 1503 and 1987 to 1993.  The 490-year long probation period is the longest probation period in God’s Calendar Of Salvation.
It automatically follows that the week prior to the 70th one must be preparatory in nature just as Friday is a day of preparation in readiness for the Sabbath. All the principles which govern the operation of the seven-day week are applicable in any other time unit which is modeled after its template. This means the 69th week is a ‘Friday’ or sixth week of preparation. God prepares for the Judgment as the Church prepares to be judged.

God always has a special agenda for His Church during every probation period. He demands accountability during the final week of seven years in a systematic manner.    

The week of seven days is a peculiar unit in God’s Calendar Of Salvation since it is the only one which does not rely on planetary motion to be reckoned. One must as a matter of rule and necessity read the Sun, the Moon and the Stars to reckon all the other time units but not the week of seven days.

The week of seven days only exists in the mind and in the Law of God. It is the model and template that God uses to design many other units of time in God’s Calendar Of Salvation. That’s why all other units of time which are designed after the model of the seven-day week are also called ‘weeks’ in God’s language of reckoning time.
Therefore the week of seven days exists side by side alongside other time units in God’s Calendar of Salvation. They interlock in a marvelous way despite the fact that the week of seven days is determined by the Word of God as is reflected from His Law and the other units of time are determined by planetary motion involving the Sun, Moon and the Stars.

Kindly be reminded that the week of seven days started three days before the instruments of the Sun, Moon and the Stars were created and therefore there was no Moon or Sun to mark the start of the week of creation. The first day according to the Moon was the 4th day of creation when the Moon was created. During the seventh day which God blessed, the Moon was suggesting it was day number four having been created in the middle of the week on ‘Wednesday’ which is the fourth day.  

Therefore, the Sun and the Moon do not help us in any way to determine or reckon any of the days of the week. The Sun only helps in managing the individual days. The Moon only helps us to identify the days of the month which is a totally different matter from identifying the days of week. The first day of the week does not have to be the first day of the month and vice versa.    

Therefore, if we are to write a full date according to God’s Calendar of Salvation, all the six time units must be mentioned. The only unit of time left out is the week of seven days.

The date should therefore take this shape; Day/ Month/Year/Week of Seven Years/Week of 49 yrs/ 490 Probation Period. If for instance the first day of the first month of the year 2015 will be on 20th March 2015, then this is how we write it according to God’s Calendar, 1/1/1/4/71/8.